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Soccer pick Guardiola: `We are stronger than we were in the last season!`

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soccer tips `Manchester City is stronger than last season when it`s picked up the Premier League title. This was expressed by team manager Josep Guardiola. On the eve of the first of the three fights over the holidays, the Citizens are lagging behind 4 points from Liverpool`s flawless leader so far.`

`We are better than the previous campaign and the difference is in the small details. That`s normal, because we`ve been together for more time as a team!`, said Pep to Sky Sports. `We are advancing in the attacks, we use a variety of moves on the pitch at the high press, we have more options to stop the opponent in his half, and we are more stable when we defend deeply!`, Guardiola explained. `In the spring, City triumphed with a record high of 100 points, becoming unattainable on the top as early as April 15.`

The former manager of Barcelona and Bayern (Munich) has distinguished his team`s constancy as the one that impressed him most in the 2017/18 campaign in the Premier League: `Of course we lost points - that`s what is normal. But we have always been able to win, which is exceptional. Winning the Cups or the Champions League requires 6-7 matches advised by soccer websites list where you have to be at a level, but you have to be in shape for three days, which is why it is the trophy I like the most.`

Tomorrow (Wednesday) Manchester City is visiting Leicester.

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