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Loris Karius: I have not escaped from Liverpool but I want to leave the final in the past!

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soccer tips Loris Karius for the first time spoke extensively about what happened during the Champions League final between Liverpool and Real Madrid and how he overcame the hard times. The goalkeeper, who went through Besiktas in August, made rough mistakes in the final, and the Reds lost 1:3 from Real. `It was a great season with a very unpleasant end, but it has to be overcome.', said Karius to 'Bild'. `I knew I had to stand up, not to hide and to deal with the past. he did not have a lot of German goalkeepers who could say that they played in the Champions League final, but that`s a lot of stuff that day, although no one wants toit`s not clear to what extent my mistakes are related to an injury that doctors then find out. IE, just an explanation. `The goalkeeper was struck by the elbow in the head by Sergio Ramos. He says he does not know and does not worry if the Spaniard`s shot was deliberate. The German added that Ramos had not apologized, but he had no bad feelings about him. Karius reveals that he has seen the situation several times to understand what has happened.

When Liverpool attracted Alisson from Rome in July, for many it meant an end to Loris` career at Anfield. The player says that Jurgen Klop has been in contact all the time and never blamed him for what happened. Jurgen Klopp called me several times during my vacation to give me confidence, he never blamed me for the loss, pressure from media and fans was increasing, and Liverpool had to react. for me, but these things happen in football.`, added Karius.

The goalkeeper explains that his relationship with the manager remains good:`We have a good relationship, he got me from Mainz, I could stay in Liverpool and play in some matches, but I wanted to be number one somewhere and play regularly. told me I had to leave, not a Liverpool escape, I`m still in excellent relationship with the people there. `Karius knows that questions about his qualities will continue to be asked, but the only thing he can do is to answer them with his performance on the pitch. Oulver Kahn also made a big mistake in the World Cup final from soccer blog in 2002, but he returned stronger, and I prefer to focus on this than to think about how long the Champions League finalI want to leave behind my back.', he finished.

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