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An expert explained how Ramos injured Salah

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soccer tips Robin Black, the best commentator of MMA fights, analyzed the moment the Egyptian injured and left the pitch:

Sergio Ramos vs. Mohamed Salah is a wonderful pair of fighters.

The style of the Spaniard is characterized by pressure andignoring the rules, while with the Egyptian the game from contact with soccer tipster is based on exceptional technical skills.

The injury situation begins with a step on Ramos left, where his thigh obstructs the path of Salah, then uses the centrifugal force that is produced forto turn the attacker`s bodyis the key moment? Look at the grip on Salah`s hand through the wrist control.

Now summarize:grip the control wrist Rotate the hull to lose Salah equilibrium and subject to the thigh to close the gripAs a result, Salah`s full weight plus that of Ramos in the fall focuses on one point - the Egyptian`s hand, where the injury follows, and on top of the striker he has missed because there could be a break. `

24 hours

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