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The tears of a captain

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soccer tips When Iccardi left the court against Juve, Inter had already crossed Lazio and had approached a point from Roma. Mauro saluted with all the teammates, smiling, the audience clapping, and was on his feet as his captain. Only 5 minutes after Maurito left the game, it seemed that Inter had secured a participation in the Champions League. The supporters of the team were happy, forgetting their anger from the latest team results by buy soccer picks . He, Mauro Icardi, watched the last minutes of Juventus in tears. In those 5 minutes, the Argentine saw his dream crashing down and dust.

At the age of 25, Icardi has scored 108 hits in Serie A. In the Champions League - 0. What is the reason? The striker has never participated in the most commercial European football tournament. His personal successes and the captain`s band are filled with disappointments. Interpretation of these tears may be different. Yes, it is painful to lose a similar match with Juventus at the very end, but behind this emotion there is much more. It is true that there are three more rounds left until the end of the season. It is also true that the matches in the remaining matches are unpredictable, but Mauro realizes well that a victory over Juve would change the whole season.

The next year for Inter will be extremely important. She will also determine the future of Icardi. Will I wait another year for the captain of the Nerazzur, depriving myself of the opportunity to debut in the Champions League? Will Inter be forced to sell its big stars in the face of Icardi and Milan Skrinar to stabilize her financial situation? And whether the tears of Icardi were a football player who lost a historic match or a professional who saw the project he believed was coming to an end.

There are three meetings that will answer all of these questions, and fate is no longer in the hands of Inter.

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