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Hummels: `Again we gave a goal to Real!`

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soccer tips The Bayern Munich defender Mats Hummels has gravely taken his Real Madrid team to a 1/2 final in the Champions League after a 2:2 draw in Santiago Bernabeu`s rematch. He thinks the Bavarians have shown a good game to advance, but the error of Sven Ulreich made on the opponent`s second goal is inexcusable and has been fatal. `We again gave a goal to Real, as in the first game. But that`s part of the football. Such mistakes should not be allowed in a match analyzed by archive of soccer picks at this level. I think we were the better team and we were creating a position after the situation but we did not manage to score and it was fatal. It is not a pleasure to drop out after playing so well and fighting for the last time. In such matches, if you want to win, you have to be perfect!`, said Hummels.

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