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St. Etienne goes to Europe

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soccer tips Robert Berich entered as a reserve and brought a complete turn to St. Etienne in a 2:1 victory against Troyes, with which the `green-whites` climbed to sixth in the overall standings of the French Football Championship. St. Etienne is unbeaten already in 12 consecutive games via soccer blog and is only on a point from the fifth Nice while Troy is the 18th and in the playoffs position to remain in the elite.

Benjamin Nive centers on Adama Niane and he opened the score in the eighth minute and the Troja guests kept their lead until half time. St. Etienne, however, pressed after the break and made a complete turn. Berich equalized in the 68th minute after Romen Hamouma`s center, and six later scored the winning goal. The Slovenian national scored his seventh goal for the season after a new assassination by Hammu. By the end of the season there are four rounds.



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