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Gerard Pique: `The two goals are not just luck!`

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soccer tips The Barcelona goalkeeper Gerard Pique, who scored one of the strongest victories with a 4:1 victory over Roma, thinks that the two goals that the Catalonians have led with 2:0 are not the result of luck but the enormous pressure on the rival.

`We have played a great game and we have a good advantage before the rematch, but Roma is a big team and this is a quarterfinals in the Champions League. The two goals are not just good luck, these goals are legal, because we are seriously pressed and pressured against the opponent in the criminal field!`, says Pique. Ivan Rakitic adds that he thinks he should play better in Barcelona than in the second half against Roma. `A good result mentioned by buy soccer picks after an excellent match, but in the rematch we have to play better than in the second half!`, said the Croatian.

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