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Umbrella with political flavor

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soccer tips Enes Canter is not in love with his own country in Turkey, and this has been a long time since he publicly declared his support for the movement and views of Fethullah Gulen. It was because of his open support for Gullen, who for years lives in the United States, and for his disagreement with the leadership of Recep Erdogan, that Canter was at the center of an international scandal last summer.

Then an arrest warrant was issued in Turkey, and he was detained at the airport in Bucharest.

Political views have now been transferred to the basketball field, where Canter has been carrying an umbrella by his countryman Ersan Ilyasova. The two of them play for New York and Philadelphia respectively, and Ilyasova performance has thrilled the social networks in our southern neighbor.

Seeing Ilyasova to block the Gulen Canter-connected without even looking back, he raised his mood early this morning, one of the users wrote, and another added that Ilyasova had cleared the floor with Gulenelsta Enes Canter.

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