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Gattuso: `When you lose, it must hurt you!`

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soccer tips The Milan coach Gennaro Gattuso has voiced hope that the loss of Arsenal in the week will not affect the team`s performance in the championship.

`I liked the situation in the team after the loss from Arsenal. The boys were angry and disappointed. When you lose, it must hurt you and burn you. We analyzed our performance and team play in the first half. It was not our performance in the last two months. Arsenal slowed down in the second part and we did not take advantage!`, the specialist began.
`It`s great to be a team coach, but you need to get results. Courage is not enough. Premier League players have completely different features than those in Italy. Genoa`s team is a serious rival and has achieved great results predicted by soccer blog after being taken over by Davide Ballardini. We have to play our way and rediscover our team spirit.`

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