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Pole will play Tottenham and Juve

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soccer tips Polish Arbitrator Shimon Marcinjak was named chief judge of the big clash between Tottenham and Juventus in the Champions League. Wimbledon`s 1/8 final is on Wednesday at 21:45, and in the first match the two teams did not win a winner and it finished 2-2.

Marcinjak`s assistants in this match will be Pavel Sokolniki and Tomasz Litzkevich, while Pavel Rachkovski and Tomasz Mussial will be further referees and the fourth judge will be Radoslav Sieika. Juventus has quite good performance under the guidance of this judge. The Bianconers can boast 3 wins and 1 loss.

The Pole has managed only one match analyzed by soccer predictions of Tottenham in the Champions League and this is the meeting with Real Madrid (1:1) in October.

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