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In Targovishte 120, 000 leva are invested in the creation of four new tennis courts

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soccer tips In Targovishte 120, 000 leva are invested in the creation of four new tennis courts. They are located at Nedelcho Kamov Stadium and underground communications, drainage systems and water pipelines are already under construction. Preparing the foundation and laying of the chamotte floor is forthcoming, the municipal administration reports. This year Targovishte Municipality provides over half a million levs for sports and sports activities. The capital program includes rehabilitation and the creation of modern sports facilities in the city. The administration adds that BGN 64, 000 are allocated to the aeromodeling track, which is one of the most successful sports in Targovishte. The site will be behind the sports hall of the Workers` Stadium and will be a concrete circular field with a diameter of 50 meters. It is also planned to draw up a detailed project for the D. Stefanov sports hall for BGN 20 000, which will allow for the repair of the funds.

The municipality provides BGN 300 000 for maintenance of sports facilities and subsidies for clubs and activities. 60, 000 leva of them will go directly to the clubs as an incentive for their achievements in the past yearN 69, 000 are provided for the men`s team of FC `Svetkavitsa` and BGN 20, 000 are for the children`s and adolescent formations. For participation in the regional championship, amateur football clubs are provided 240 leva per household meeting. About BGN 35, 000 is for school sport, and for the `Sportsman of the Year` ceremony, 2, 500 leva are allocated. Another 44, 000 leva is the budget of the municipal enterprise `Social and security activities` for the maintenance and management of the sports facilities in the city. There are about BGN 50 000 for the costs of electricity, water and gas for the sports facilities.

Although the Municipality does not incur rents for the maintenance and operation of the facilities and facilities. The local administration grants them to the clubs advised by soccer livescore free of charge.

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