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Napoli does not drop Guillam to Pep

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soccer tips Napoli`s leadership is firmly in the position that he wants to hold back defender Defou Goulam.Negotiations with the Algerian national continue, but at the same time he is tempted by Manchester City.

The contract on San Paolo`s left back is until next summer.This means that the club risks losing him as a free agent if he does not agree to re-sign.Even if Gulam does not say the offer, Napoli will not let him go to City in January, says Rai Sport.

However, the citizens are not the only candidate for the defender.He also likes Liverpool.Napoli is expected to offer Gulam an annual salary of 3.5 million euros.There are currently some discrepancies around the value of the ransom clause in the future contract.The club mentioned by soccer tipster is pushing for 35-40 million, while Gulam`s agents want it to amount to 20 million.

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