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Zidane:I`m ready to leave tomorrow

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soccer tips Senior coach Zinedine Zidane is not responsible for the weak games and results analyzed by soccer blog of Real Madrid. Tension escalated on Wednesday when the team dropped from Leganes on the 1/4-Finals for the Spanish Cup. Separately, Los Merengues are far from Barcelona in the La Liga, leaving only the Champions League where Paris Saint-Germain is waiting for them. I am ready to leave tomorrow if I feel that my players do not understand my ideas, Zuzu said today. `I see, however, that I have the full support of the club, the president and the team, ` the Frenchman continued. `I feel strong enough to change the situation. If we did not feel that way, we would have a problem. We will get out of this situation, tell you it. We can also win the Champions League. We will do our best in this tournament. It is clear what the goals are until the end of the season. The players try to make the most of themselves, but sometimes things do not develop the way you expected. We will continue with the same enthusiasm. Everyone can think what they want but I will try to develop as a coach and do things better.

I was very disappointed that day, because I did not expect that, but it`s football, Zidane returned to Santiago Bernabeu`s shot. `No one can deny me to continue fighting. I`m to blame you for not winning against Leganes. It seems that I have not motivated enough teams. We must get out of this crisis with a lot of work. Only victories will give us peace. We can turn things to our advantage. So far we have done badly, but we`ve also created some nice things. Soccer players have the peace of mind to get out of this position. We only think about what is ahead of us. That is why we are only interested in the next meeting. I would not change anything from what I took as a solution through the campaign so far. I would go out with the same 11 against Legganes again. Even before the season, I was pleased with the lineup I had. The same is true now. I live a day and I do not think what will happen next season.

The next Real Madrid game is tomorrow (Saturday) against Valencia`s Mestya.

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