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Simeone:The blame for bouncing is mine

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soccer tips Atletico`s coach, Diego Simeone, took over the responsibility for dropping out of the King`s Cup. The capital team retreated 1:3 to Sevilla and with a total score of 2:5 left the 1/4-finals. `I`m guilty both of dropping out of the Champions League and of losing today We`ve got to keep working We`ve got 4 months to finish the season to improve our performance I know my players and I`m so relaxed`, commented Simeone.

`Our rivals used our chances better in both matches, we had our options, but the goalkeeper of Sevilla was brilliant, ` the Argentinean added. We did not achieve what we wanted in the tournament, Sevilla beat us and we should wish them success If the rival was better than you, it is good to congratulate him. We are a very united team and we will faceWe always deal with difficult situations, `said Coke`s midfielder midfielder.

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