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Betting on draws – pieces of advice

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soccer tips In addition to a victory for one or the teams in the game, each football match can end in a tie for the regular 90 minutes. The odds for a draw are always high and acceptable. The question is how to take advantage of those great odds?
In this article, we are going to talk about that. Keep in mind, however, that every method used in gambling has its pros and cons.
Betting on ‚X‘ is not an easy task. This type of bet requires a certain experience in making soccer picks and familiarity with the characteristics of the leagues. However, that is an achievable goal for anyone interested to become experts in the world of sports betting.
Here are our tips for you:
It is very important to check and analyze the statistics whenever you are about to prepare a soccer prediction.. For instance, if both teams rely mostly on the points earned at home, and as guests they have had only losses, then your soccer forecast should not be a draw;

When you search for matches on which to bet with ‚X‘, look for teams that have already finished some games with such a score. Also, look for trends which indicate that the team is in a series of matches ended with both wins and draws. Such trends are not a few, you just have to notice them at just the right moment;

Try to find Championships where the equal result of the games is quite common. Check out our list – it might be helpful.

  • Brazil – Serie A;
  • Egypt – Premier League;
  • Belarus – Premier League;
  • China – Super League;
  • Spain – Segunda Division.

These are just a few examples. The average percentage of matches completed in a tie is over 30%, with some even exceeding 35%. That percentage shows us one thing: 1/3 of all the games finish in a draw. In 300 matches per season, that is about 100 games. The odds are usually between 3.20 – 3.60. That is pretty good, isn‘ it?
We advise you to play responsibly and with the clear perspective that there is always a slight possibility to lose. The key to success is to be prepared for such failures – both financially and emotionally.

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