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Lance Stevenson and Darren Collins led Indiana to a turn over Cleveland, all NBA results

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soccer tips Lance Stevenson finished 16 points and 11 rebounds, and Darren Collins scored 22 points for Indiana`s victory with 97:95 at home over Cleveland at a regular season match at the National Basketball Association. Pacers` team fell 22 points in the first half of the match, but managed to make up for the pass and make a remarkable turnaround. The hosts have three successes in their last four fights in the League.

Star Lebron James scored 27 points and 11 assists and 8 rebounds under the basket while his teammate Kevin Love scored 21 points and took 10 rebounds. Indiana has three victories in her last three meetings with the Eastern Conference champions.

At another NBA meeting, Golden State wins as a guest at 108:94 at a visit to Milwaukee. Kevin Durant with 26 points was the most successful and Dramund Green added another 21 points.

Warriors` team has made the best of 13:4 in the last quarter to win against Bucks. Yannis Antenokunppo finished 23 points for the home team.

Minnesota beat 118:108 home team from New York. Carl-Anthony Towns finished 23 points, 15 rebounds and 9 assists. Tai Gibson added another 17 points in favor of Wolves. Crystas Poringis scored 17 points for the Nix.

Houston won 112:95 at home against Phoenix. Chris Paul scored 25 points for Rocky and Devin Booker scored 27 points for the Suns. The hosts played without their star James Harden, who was injured. He did not take part in the sixth consecutive match analyzed by soccer websites list in the NBA. Clint Capella added another 17 points to Houston`s success, and TJ Warren scored 21 points for the Suns.

Will Barton finished 17 points for Denver`s victory with 87:78 at home against Memphis. Tray Lyleys scored another 16 points for the Nuggets, and Mark Gassol scored 22 points and 11 rebounds for Grizzlies.

Regular season meetings at the National Basketball Association (NBA):

Charlotte - Utah 99:88

Indiana - Cleveland 97:95

Washington - Orlando 125:119

Atlanta - Brooklyn 105:110Milwaukee - Golden State 94:108
Minnesota - New York 118:108
New Orleans - Portland 119:113
Denver - Memphis 87:78
Phoenix - Houston 95:112

Leaders in the DivisionsEastern Conference

Atlantic Division:Boston 34 Wins / 10 Loses, Toronto 29/11, Philadelphia 19/20

Central Division:Cleveland 26/16, Detroit 22/18, Milwaukee 22/19

South East Division:Miami24/17, Washington 24/18, Charlotte 16/24

Western Conference

Northwest Division:MyEagle 28/16, Denver 22/20, Oklahoma City 22/20

Pacific Division:Golden State 34/9, Los Angeles Clippers 20/21, Phoenix 16/26

Southwest Division:Houston 30/11, San Antonio 28 /15, New Orleans 21/20.

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