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soccer tips Valencia`s new addition Luciano Viento played a phenomenal match in winning over Las Palmas with a 4-0 draw in the rematch of the 1/8-finals of the King`s Cup. Athletic Madrid striker hit a hat trick and his third goal was a real masterpiece - transfer the keeper almost to the center. Sergeant Nemanja Maximimovic`s shot was also spectacular, and guests should be pleased that they did not lose even with a more startling result. Valencia made it to the draw (1:1) in the first game with a goal at the very end and this gave Marseilino a great advantage. The batsman did not manage to lead the Canary Islands team because of a trauma caused by a road accident, but today it was near the touchline.

Valencia started an attack with Simone Dzindza and Vieta, who had no goal in an official match predicted by soccertipster throughout the calendar year 2017. The two flanks were supported by Andreas Pereira and Nacho Hill. For Las Palmas, the main task during the season is to save them from falling, but senior coach Paco Hemes has promised that his team will not be given without Mistyya. The guests were without a few important figures, and Jonathan Cajeri, assisted by Alain Halilovic, was acting in the front row. The start was better for Valencia, but Andreas Pereira fired at the edge of the penalty area, and shortly thereafter the Viei was close to his first bats goal, but the ball went over the bar. In the 20th minute Nacho Hill appeared alone against goalkeeper Raul Lisaine, but failed to overcome it, and in the next house attack and Dzza missed to find the result. The game was developing in a way that suggested that the goal for Valencia would not be late. In the 30th minute, Lisaine had somehow shot Dzza`s head but Vio was in the right place and scored for the first time with the new team`s shirt. The hosts had other dangerous attacks to the break, and shortly before her, Caierry`s shot was canceled because of his offense in the attack. At the beginning of the second half, the veto was scored again. A break at Pereira`s right gave enough space for the Argentine, and his transfer was a really high class. Even more beautiful was the third goal of the `bats`. His author became Nemanja Maximimovic in the 54th minute with a bomb jam outside the penalty area. But the cherry on the cake was ahead. In the 65th minute, the Vio took the ball shortly after the center and saw that Lisaine had come forward. The Argentine decided to look for a surprise and succeeded because the ball hit just below the beam. Mestya`s audience began to chant the Vieta`s name and applauded him when he left the pitch in the 71st minute when Rodrigo Moreno appeared in his place.

Only with this result Valencia reduced the pace and allowed guests to organize several attacks, but they could not even get a goal of honor. The next challenge for the `bats` is visiting Deportivo La Coruna on Saturday. Las Palmas will face the newcomer Girona in an attempt to get out of last place in La Liga.

Spain Cup, Round 8 - Second Match:


1:0 L. Vito (30)


3:0 N. Maximovich (54)

4:0 L. Vieto (65)

! Valencia qualifies for a quarter

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