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Interview with Pique:Against injustice I always raise my voice

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soccer tips In the era of superstars with admirers across the planet, few choose to complicate their lives by publicly exposing their political views. However, Gerard Pique himself can confirm that his life has always been different from that of others.
In his native Barcelona and Spain`s national team he won all he could -three times the Champions League, six times the La Liga, a World Cup and a European Cup, after blooming on his return home after years of layout at Manchester United. Already 30, Pique is part of the most glamorous era in the history of Barca and La Roche, married to the Colombian star singer Shakira and is one of the leading figures in Catalonia in this turbulent time for the region.
Pique was closely associated with the separatist movement for actively defending the October referendum on independence (though he did not announce how he voted). In the tense days after the vote, the footballer stood behind his position at a press conference of the national team, after casting a vote to leave him. The player`s thesis was that playing for Spain was never incompatible with the support of Catalunya`s independence, and that there is a political solution to the division.

In January he will release his Piece + series on The Players u0026 rsquo;Tribune, where he will interview various colleagues from both football, for example Lionel Messi and Neymar, as well as other sports. It is here to say that Pique has a firm stance on the media and sees his new platform as a territory where politics and sport can be freely discussed.
Politics has always been a difficult topic to discuss because, just as in football, the views are radical -says Barca`s defender. -;One thinks in one way, the other -;on the opposite. It resembles a battle and the emotions are hot.
Two months after the referendum, there are still Catalan politicians and activists in custody, President Carles Piedsdemon remains in exile in Brussels, Pique is still a Spanish national and Barcelona is leading the La Liga with an eight-point lead ahead of eternal rival Real Madrid before the first Classicoin the championship analyzed by contact with soccer tipster on Dec. 23. Pique feels that the situation has not reached a critical point and that a political solution can still be reached.

It`s not easy. I think people outside Spain think things are worse than they really are. I do not think the situation is so bad. The problem is political and can be resolved through talks if politicians do their job. In the end there is no violence or battles, nothing like that;is very calm, as it was a year ago. The only problem is that many people here in Catalonia want separation from Spain and many people do not want -;the situation is 50-50, and that`s why it`s so complicated. When so many people think so differently, it is difficult to get to an exit where everyone is happy. There is no problem if you can explain yourself honestly and show you why you feel that way.
His Twitter profile is a curious mix of stereotypical football footage

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