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Soccer prediction Pervukhin on the game against Howe: Gordy looked down on his opponents, liked to put his elbows out. Could hit hard, although the old one was already

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soccer tips Vasily Pervukhin recalled the games against Gordie Howe and said that he looked down on others.

The former USSR national team player took part in matches analyzed by archive of soccer picks against WHA clubs in the 1970s.

- Luck came and began to rivet. Well done! Ovechkin needs to continue to act the same way, not to stop.

- Yes, I played. Gordy looked down on his opponents, liked to put his elbows out. He could hit hard with his elbow. Although the old one was already by the standards of hockey. How old was he then? 46 like...

- Yes, like everyone else - he rolled up and took the puck.

- No, before, the rules were different. I gave the puck away, but the opponent still flies at you. Like a blank from the factory, our comedians had such a feuilleton. And they didn`t remove him for this, as now, - said the ex-defender of Dynamo and the USSR national team.

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