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Soccer tipsters Messi keeps the ball close, as if on a string, and knows how to drive it with the outside of either foot. Normal players can`t do it. Ex-Liverpool striker Saunders on Leo as the best in history

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soccer tips Former Liverpool striker Dean Saunders calls Lionel Messi the best player of all time.

I think so. Someone sent me a video of Maradona cutting passes and it reminded me that he is from another planet, but Messi is something out of the ordinary.

One of the elements that he can do, but not ordinary football players, is the ability to dribble the ball with the outside of both the left and right foot. When you try to cover him, he may begin to dribble with the other side of his foot. And he holds the ball so close, as if on a string, that if you just try to put your foot in, he immediately leaves you.

He also has a low center of gravity and amazing field vision, " Saunders told Talksport.

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