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Soccer prediction Tarpishchev on what Rublev lacks to win big tournaments: He is read by top opponents because he plays without a plan B

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soccer tips Shamil Tarpischev told what Andrei Rublev lacks for victories in big tournaments.

Andrew plays the same way. He lacks variety, change of rhythm, playing on the score. Plays one tennis. Mentally, he is absolutely in order, but this is not enough: games advised by soccertipster on the score, somewhere to adapt to different opponents. Rublev has one style, one game, and no plan B if things don`t go according to plan.

If it were, he could have taken the Grand Slam for a long time, and whatever. And so, he is read by top rivals. Tired - starts to play worse. And another part - he does not feel tired. The moment when you need to stop, take a break, does not feel. He plays everything in a row, trains the most, and this is not always a plus, TASS quotes Tarpishchev.

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