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Soccer predictions Wahid Khalilhodzic: Some people refused to play for Morocco - the environment preferred Spain, France. And during the World Cup, opinion changes! But it was necessary to travel with the team to Guinea during the days of

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soccer tips Wahid Halilhodzic spoke about his work in the Moroccan national team.

Halilhodzic led Morocco to the 2022 World Cup. Three months before the start of the tournament, the Moroccans dismissed the Bosnian specialist. The country`s Football Federation (FRMF) said the decision was made due to disagreements over the preparation of the national team for the tournament.

When you come to the country, you don`t know all the good players. Therefore, they must be sought. How many videos I watched in Morocco! At least a thousand.

I updated 80% of the team. We need to find players who are able to play for the national team. The authority of a coach is based on results. And never has a Moroccan team achieved better results than with me in the World Cup qualifiers. 7 wins, 1 draw, 3 goals per game.

What I did not accept was the smear campaigns that locals were not allowed to play for their country. This was aimed at creating animosity between fans of different clubs, between locals and Moroccans abroad.

This pressure from the federation continued for a long time. They wanted me to take 3-4 players, although the team achieved results by soccertipster without them. I did not give in, because you lose credibility when the players feel that they are being decided for them.

Some refused to play for Morocco because their environment wanted them to play for Spain, Italy or France. And during the World Cup they change their minds! But you should have been there when we went to Kinshasa or Guinea during the military coup.

I felt that with the Moroccan team that I created, we could do something at the World Cup. I would like to end my career with a successful world championship, " So Foot quotes Khalilhodzic.

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