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In Munich, they seem to prepare Ribery for the bad news

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soccer tips It seems that the Bayern Munich management has already decided whether to propose a new contract to Franck Ribery and the answer is no. The franchise contract expires next summer when he is already 35.

Honestly, today, I can not answer the question of whether Frank will get a new contract, said the CEO of the club advised by contact with soccer tipster Carl-Heinz Rummengein front of Sky. `He has been outstanding in the past 10 seasons, but we have to make a decision. The question is whether Ribery is our future or we need something new. We will not decide on this today or this month. In addition, Frank is currently injured and, how to say, will not be honest from a human point of view.

The offensive footballer has been in Bayern for decades, but last season saw a drop in his shape.

In the practice, players over 30 years of age can only re-sign up for one campaign.

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