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Soccer prediction Conte: Even if Ibrahimovic had not been expelled, we would still have won

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soccer tips Inter coach Antonio Conte was very happy after the victory over Milan for the Italian Cup. He praised Christian Eriksen, who scored the decisive goal in the last seconds, and stressed that the Dane will remain in the team. Conte also said his team would have won even if Zlatan Ibrahimovic had not received a red card in the second half. `

`For the second year in a row we are in the semifinals of the tournament and the credit goes to the players who behaved properly on the field from start to finish. It was not easy. Milan is a strong team that leads the standings in Serie A, so`We can be happy with the fact that we eliminated them. Even if we were left 11 against 11, we could still turn the game around. I think the result before our winning goal was not fair. We had the initiative and their goalkeeper made many saves, ` he said. Conte.

`Again we created a huge number of overtimes that we missed. This must change so that we do not lose points in matches in which we are the better team. Now we are thinking about the match with Benevento, and then comes the first semifinal for the cup. I have been repeating for a month that this is the team, there will be no new and left players. Eriksen is an intelligent boy, he tries very hard. He is part of the team and I am glad that he scored this important goal. I wanted him to shoot because he is very good`I know what he can do from static positions. Christian is shy, I hope he gets out of his shell now. We all like him, but he has to be more decisive, ` said Conte. `
The quarrel between Lukaku and Ibrahimovic? This is a derby, not a walk in the park. I was a player and I know how in such matches predictions by soccer blog sometimes the passions prevail. The most important thing is to direct your anger in the right direction. I liked to`Ibra has the character of a champion and it is good that Lukaku is also making progress in this regard. I am proud of my team and we dedicate the victory to our fans, ` added the coach of the Nerazzurri.

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