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Soccer prediction Rodgers finally beat Mourinho, Tottenham came out of the top three

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soccer tips Leicester beat Tottenham 2-0 in London, thanks to which they came in second place in the provisional standings of the Premier League. The Spurs, who were at the top of the table at the beginning of the week, suffered a second consecutive defeat, after they were beaten by the champion Liverpool on Wednesday. The Londoners have only one victory in their last five matches prediction by soccer tipster in the championship and after today`s result they dropped out of the top three and are now fourth. By the end of the day, they can retreat with even one more position. For Fox manager Brendan Rodgers, this is the first success in the eight games in which he has faced Jose Mourinho. Otherwise, Jamie Vardy gave the guests an advance with a goal from a penalty in added time in the first half. Toby Alderweireld scored an own goal in the 59th minute and shaped the deserved success of Leicester.

Mourinho made two changes to the derby with Liverpool this week. Sergio Regilon and Tangi Ndombele returned to the starting lineup at the expense of Davis and Bergwein. Gareth Bale was the bench for the start after missing the last two meetings. Dele Ali stayed out of the group. Timothy Castane returned to Leicester after a two-month absence due to injury. Johnny Evans also started after serving his sentence. Mark Albrighton started at Mandy`s expense.

The `foxes` started more actively, as apparently Jose Mourinho`s plan was again to `spurs` in their half and wait for good situations for a counterattack. In the first minutes Fofana shot with his head, but inaccurately. In the 13th Madison cross from a free kick was taken down by Barnes, Fofana failed to shoot, but the ball reached Vardy, who fired a powerful shot, which, however, was blocked by Regilon. Shortly afterwards, Tottenham launched a quick attack. Kane found Son on the left, and the Korean tried a sharp cross. However, Ndombele did not reach the ball. The first accurate shot came in the 34th minute. Harry Kane took a direct free kick, after which the ball bounced in Evans` hand and headed to the corner, but Schmeichel scored. The situation was not considered a possible penalty, as the defender`s arm was in a natural position parallel to the body. Four minutes before the break, Harry Kane was dropped by Leicester`s defense and intercepted a header from five meters from a corner, but the ball went over the door. Shortly after, Orie`s cross from the right met Castane`s elbow in the penalty area, but the defender`s hand was firmly attached to his body, so there was no penalty. Otherwise, Tottenham was a little better team at the end of the half, but it did not lead to anything. At the end of the part, Leicester also managed to register an accurate shot after Ndidi shot from over 20 meters. The ball bounced in Alderweireld, but Loris saved without any problems.

In the added time of the first half, Serge Orie made a huge fool of himself after unnecessarily pushing Fofana in the back just after the edge of the penalty area. The Leicester player had control of the ball, so after watching a repeat of the situation, Craig Pawson logically pointed to the white dot. Jamie Vardy was accurate in giving the visitors an advance.

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