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soccer tips Joining the name of Jose Mourinho immediately made Arsenal fans imagine what would happen if the proverbial discipline, dedication and perseverance were added to their strong attack, especially on counter-attacks.
After being sacked by Manchester United last year, the Special is preparing to return to the bench at some of Europe`s major clubs mentioned by contact with soccer tipster and, meanwhile, is appearing as a television analyst to stay as close to elite football as possible.
It was in this role that Mourinho suggested at Sky Sports Studios during the North London derby with Tottenham how he would get the best out of expensive summer replenishment for the attack of gunners Nicolas Pepe alongside Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alexander Lacazette.
The Portuguese specialist then commented on the two possible options for the Arsenal offensive. The first one has a semi-defensive line of three in almost a straight line and the second one;with two central midfielders in the line and a dozen in front of them to tackle the three strikers. The latter avoids the need for Lacazette to go deep between the lines to receive the ball and participate in the construction.
Especially for Pepe, Mourinho`s idea would be to put him in a right-handed position. The purpose of this move is to use the free space on the left back of the opponent in the construction of the game. In modern football, most teams defend with a defensive four, but they build a game with three in the front line. This makes the beams almost wings and this frees the nominal wings from entering the half-spaces.
If so, Pepe releases the backcourt to Hector Beyerin and is more in the role of insider, he could show his excellent ability to run short and measured diagonal pass passes to runners behind the defense like Lacazette and especially Aubameyang. If the corridor behind the left central defender and the left back of the opponent were exposed, his speed would allow him to attack similar outbursts from his colleagues in the attack. The defenses would be in check.
So Mourinho wrote his homework if he was given Unai Emery`s post. So far, however, everything is just a hypothesis.
Jake Poldon, Daily Mirer

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