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Soccer tipsters Maradona begs Mertens to stay in Napoli

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soccer tips Napoli legend Diego Maradona strongly hopes Dris Mertens will remain with the team next season. On Wednesday, the striker scored his 116th goal for the club, overtaking the Argentine`s hits for the Parthenopeans. His contract with Neapolitans, however, expires at the end of this campaign, with the player being linked to an enticing offer from China.

It was not a disappointment to me that Mertens overtook me. On the contrary, I even applauded him. When he scored, I thought of Napoli, but certainly not myself. I watch all their matches, especially those in the Champions League. The duel with Red Bull Salzburg was exciting. He wasn`t pretty, but nice enough, because it`s always great when you win. Mertens was born an attacker, but he didn`t know it. All these goals cannot be scored by someone who is not a striker in their heart.

I wish I had done something to keep Mertens away. A professional is always looking for a better salary, but it is also true that nowhere in the world will he be as beloved, respected, pampered and important as he is in Napoli. So, dear president, don`t let him leave. He is over 30 years old, I know this, but he runs, plays and scores goals with the freshness and enthusiasm of a young boy. However, if he really leaves, Mertens knows that there will always be a place in my Gymnasium in La Plata, Maradona told the Corriere Sports Case.

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