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soccer tips The Jets received a clear signal to strike out any hopes this season. Three days after scattering 16 points in advance and losing at home to Buffalo with 16:17, the jet was left without its title quarterback. Darnold himself has mononucleosis and will be quarantined by the second order.
The playmaker missed Wednesday`s workout because of a sore throat, and doctors found the problem was much more serious. Darnold is currently locked in his apartment and the Jets fans are preparing for another early draft pick mentioned by soccer websites list next year.
Mononucleosis is caused by the Epstein-Bar virus and leads to fever, dry throat, enlargement of the lymph nodes around the neck, swelling of the spleen and general fatigue. Although in most cases healing takes 2-4 weeks practicing contact sports is not recommended for up to three months because of the risk of splenic rupture and massive internal bleeding. For this reason, no one is out to predict when or if Darnold will return to the game by the end of this season.
His absence is a huge slap in the face for ESPN expecting a young quarterback fight in the Cleveland game on Monday;NJ Jets. Instead, Baker Mayfield (Cleave) will face one of John Elway`s many KB misunderstandings -;expelled after two seasons in Denver by Trevor Siemian.

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