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soccer tips Do you want to become a professional soccer punter? If yes, then will try to give you some advices. Remember that the overall process is not so easy, but don’t give up! Take a look at our useful pieces of advice:

Find your edge, then stay on it! That is what you should concentrate on. Choose carefully a profitable ‘angle’. Whether it would be a certain greyhound track or a low league soccer, you simply need to form your own views and strategy for making soccer predictions. Go out of the box, that is the key to your real success;

Don’t ‘mix’ your analysis and study with the betting business – form your soccer tips before taking place of the actual trading and mechanics of betting. Knowing exactly what you want to do is essential. The perfect pro will be ready in the morning – he will form his prices in the
morning and make his trading decisions according to them, in the afternoon;

Forget about setting daily targets – that is futile, pointless, and often causes chasing. Choose one day at the end of every month. On that day only, you can tot up the figures and then record them. Don’t procrastinate over them, just focus on the mistakes you have made. In that case, it is more important to try to find out why things went wrong. That will help you avoid errors in

Set your working day – whether you want to be a part-time or a full-time soccer tipster, you should set your working time! Don’t you agree that betting on Sunday when you didn’t have an intention to do anything, is not a good idea? Such a decision may lead to losing a few hundred
euros/pounds. That’s why you should have days of rest, too;

Keep your betting cash separate from the everyday money – that will save you much stress, for sure. Never make your soccer picks with cash intended for covering your expenses! Feeling the clear difference between your personal and your ‘business’ money, will make you more responsible;

Never get bored – this could be fatal. Or in other words, you must take your job seriously to achieve good results. It is important to ‘work’ responsibly;

Don’t tell everyone when you win – all you are allowed to say is ‘lost very small’ or ‘won very small’. No details. Every professional soccer handicapper should learn that rule, especially if he is in a relationship or is married.

Remember that no soccer punter makes the right decisions all the time. So do you. Even when you are on a winning streak, always play wisely. Everyone makes mistakes or chases. What is the most important, however, is your ambition and eagerness to learn the basics of being a professional football tipster!

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