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Sampaoli:The Mondial is a supported pistol in Messi`s head

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soccer tips In April, Argentine breeder`s autobiography Jorge Sampaoli - Mis latidos will be released in the market. In the book he also wrote about his work with Lionel Messi, with the Argentinean newspaper Clarin publishing these excerpts in advance. Messi has a gun in his head called the World Championship, and if he does not win, he will be shot and killed. It is a madness not to be able to enjoy his talent. This pressure hurts him, Sampaoli is convinced. According to the specialist, Messi is the greatest player of all time. I have the feeling that I`m training the best player in history. This is the man who is the best in the world for 10 years. It`s hard to exercise control when your leader knows he`s better than you. He does everything like no other. I had to invent challenges for someone who is irresistible and always overcomes them, he wrote. The recruiter returns to the match from soccer websites list with Ecuador last November, which was crucial to the participation of Albisseles in the World Cup this summer. My tone was a bit taller. I told the boys that football owes to Messi a World Cup and that we should help him get it. We had to deal with ourselves and not always rely on it. His teammates needed to take responsibility. I was sure he would appear in the most important moments. KLOYAN ANTONOV

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