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From glory and millions to despair and misery:the sad story of a football star

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soccer tips Former Arsenal defender Emanuel Ebue admitted he was going through a very difficult period in his life and even contemplated suicide. The soccer player from Cote d`Ivoire made the revelation in an interview with Mercury. I hope that God can help me, only he can get those dark thoughts out of my head, and after my divorce Aurelia, everything that I won from football went to her When I took away my last house in Anfield, to hide from the police and the bailiff because I know they will throw me out of the house I do not have the money to hire a lawyer I turn the lights off at home because I do not want anyone to know that I`m there I do not intend to stay nakedI will fight to the end, because what is going on is extremely unfair, `says Eube, who 11 years agotook part in the biggest match in the history of Arsenal (the Champions League final against Barcelona) and today travels with public transport and launches his own clothes because he does not even have a washing machine. `I`ve never seen my kids since June, and I`m very tough after the death of my grandfather and my brother, who died after a motorcycle accident, ` continues the sad confession of the 34-year-old footballer. Today, he often dwells at the home of a good friend and admits to sleeping on the floor so he does not interfere with her and her family. Another close person is the former striker of Newcastle and Portsmouth Lomana Lua Lua.

`Going back, I often say, ` Emmanuel, you were very naive. Why did not you think about it all in time? `I sent home money to my wife for our children to live well, I spent 8 million euros in Turkey, and seven of them I sent to my wife, and I always signed financial documents in her presence, and I had full confidence in her, ` regrets Eube. Lack of education is at the heart of today`s problems for the African, who is honest that over the years he blindly trusted people who used it for his money. He is now 34 years old and has not lost hope that he will continue to play, but to date it is impossible, because of a dispute with his former agent, he is suspended from FIFA. `When I saw Thierry Henry or one of my former teammates on TV, I`m glad for them, but at the same time, it makes me sad because I think of my own situation. ` It happens to meet guys we played togetheror against each other, and I always say that I could still be there at this level, `Eubey says. He is honest that he would accept any help. `I will be very happy if one of my former clubs mentioned by register on soccer portal has handed me my hand, and I can deal with children at the Arsenal Academy, ` he says.

`I am grateful to my grandmother that when I was young, he taught me to cook, to cleanse and to take care of myself. ` I believe in the Lord and I do not wish to anyone what happened to me, `concludes the confessionArsenal`s favorite favorite. Today, many of them are urging the club to help Ebue stand on his feet by offering him a job. Galatasaray`s supporters also support him and in one of the last matches of the team they drew a poster with the inscription:`Emmanuel, you are not alone! `.

Some time ago, the media reported that Euboea was AIDS. Later t?

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